That Party That One Night

Sunday, June 11, 2017 – 7:45 PM

That Party That One Night – Fiebre en la Disco – Sticks – Dress Rehearsal

That Party That One Night (15 minutes)

Socially and sexually awkward teenager Melissa finds herself alone with her crush after being ditched by her friends at a party one night.

Writer/Director: Mylissa Fitzsimmons
Producer: Kristen Murtha
Executive Producers: Allen Murray/The Bureau of Creative Works DP: Pedro Avila
Cast: Melanie Neilan, Evan Crooks, Christine Lekas, Sterling Hoch, Anwar Mitchell

Fiebre En La Disco (15 minutes)

During a Cosmic Disco contest, abducted Disco girls compete on an alien Disco ship.

Director: Jean-Marie Marbach
Commissioner: Elefant Records
Producers: François Mari & Loup Mery for A La Bonne Heure Productions
Principal Cast: Mariana Badaracco, Pablo Dahy, Deborah Pouchoulin, Charlotte Bermond, Aurélie Giboire, Soleila Chaou Costa.

Sticks (18 minutes)

Four college students reunite on a summer night at a house in the woods. As they tell scary stories around the campfire, the line between imagination and reality blurs, and they get the feeling they may not be alone on the property.

Writer, Director, Producer: Mark J. Parker
Producer, Production Designer, Location Manager: Greg Clements
Cast: Etai Benson, Julie Balefsky, Tyler Johnstone, and Heather Drew

Dress Rehearsal (21 minutes)

A struggling method actor takes his research too far.

Written/Directed by Michael Boston