Screening – June 4, 2017 – 4:45 PM – Memorial Day, Polite Expressions & Tangoborn Menclenty

obSETHed: Memorial Day – Polite Expressions – Tangoborn Menclenty

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obSETHed: Memorial Day (4 minutes)

Seth Coltan can never say the right thing. Unfortunately, his big moment at a funeral is no different.. 

Director: Zack Matzganis
Writer/Producer: Seth Coltan
Cast: Seth Coltan, Marcia Moran

Polite Expressions (5 minutes)

As people come to collect on a woman’s meaningless social niceties which they took literally, she begins to unravel and eventually her secrets come out.

Director/Writer:  Ian Camacho
Producers: Ian Camacho, Kelly Morton, Chris Wells, Ian Wells
Cast: Kyla Schoer, Justin Sorvillo, Rebecca Avery, Sylvia Panacione, Ashlyn Boots, Berna Roberts

Tangoborn Menclenty (76 minutes)

A manufactured moron is sent by aliens to save the Earth from itself. He falls in love with a hologram and a pimp named Parquet.

Writer/Director: E. Grimes Michaels
Producer: Stacey Wilson
Cast: Andrew Friedman

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