Screening – June 4, 2017 – 9:30 PM – Dave & Blue World Order

Dave – Blue World Order

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Dave (10 minutes)

Two detectives arrive on the scene after a call regarding the death of one of the detective’s family members. While the two dispute over whether it’s a murder or suicide, what they end up discovering is not what they would have ever expected.

Director: Shawn Lebert
Writers: Seth Johnson & Shawn Lebert
Producers: Shawn Lebert (as well as executive producer), Seth Johnson, Corey Critser, Emily Critser
Cast: PJ Marshall, Anne Leighton, Wendell Kinney, Mike Sweet

Blue World Order (108 minutes)

In a world governed by a virus, one man remains immune. And the key to freeing the survivors, is also the last child on Earth… his daughter. Mad Max meets Children of men with a dash of Star Wars in this original Sci-Fi/action drama.

Directors: Ché Baker & Dallas Bland
Writers: Sarah Mason & Ché Baker & Dallas Bland
Cast: Billy Zane, Jack Thompson, Stephern Hunter, Jake Ryan

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