2018 Official Selections – Screenplays

2018 Screenplay Competition

Official Selections

FILA is proud to present the Official Selections in our screenplay competition.  A Grand Jury Prize will be awarded one of these unproduced screenplays.  In the meantime, please read these loglines and if you want to read one of them, just ask FILA to put you in touch with the writer.

Apocalypsis… by Jude Gerard Prest

When One Apocalypse just isn’t enough. APOCALYPSIS… The End of the World was just the beginning… Of the End… Of the World…  A Dark, Apocalyptic Comedy about the end the world… Multiplied

Been Too Long by Laura DeBar
Fender Bender by Sara O’Reilly & Jeremy Foley

When offbeat Martin rear ends driven Selene, this chance encounter sends them on the road to an unlikely friendship – until she discovers he fender benders people for fun.

Hannya by Carlos Valencia

A couple’s weekend getaway in the isolated woods is interrupted when an unexpected intruder arrives with deadly intentions.

Kings Boulevard by Neil Payne
Lifetime Loser by James Ross

To cover-up a hit-and-run death a con man swindles an estate out of a golf course and hires a young golf pro to run the daily affairs only to see the scam unravel fifteen years later when it is time to sell the business.

Lone Star by Adriane McCray

Set in the competitive club soccer & varsity soccer worlds of Texas, we follow five wandering girls from wildly different backgrounds. Together, they grow into women and work to fight for their wins – both on and off the field. Through flashbacks we see the seeds of their social differences – ones they may or may not ultimately overcome.

Nyobaywa old by 42 Tribes
Pace by Sean Carmichael

Questions of self, purpose, and expectations plague Doug and Laci as they cope with the relentless pace of coming of age while closing in on thirty.

Perry by R. J. Watson

A mother and daughter of privilege from Connecticut and a victim of sex trafficking from Haiti are drawn into a dangerous web of exploitation on the streets of San Francisco. Loosely based on the Persephone-Demeter myth, it is the tragic story of love and innocence destroyed by dark societal forces.

State College by Gregory Falatek

After high school, Andrew, Duncan and Tommy leave Philadelphia to experience college at a state university. Much to his friends’ chagrin, Andrew chooses to pledge Beta Ki, a fraternity known for outrageous parties and violent hazing. When Andrew is accidentally killed during Rush Week, Duncan decides to take revenge into his own hands.

Survive by Jimmy Kelly
Thank You, Amelia Earhart by Al Mertens

Myrtle and Season, a foul-mouthed and bigoted ninety-something and latest young caregiver, collide raw wills and beliefs, exposing bombshell revelations that transform both.

The Oscar by Julia Liberman by Julia Liberman
The Prophet by Isaiah Francis
The Venus Syndrome by Lynn Vincentnathan

A Special Ops soldier from the future in which the Earth is on the brink of the Venus syndrome — life-annihilating global warming — travels back in time to assassinate the American president whose policies started the unstoppable devastation.

Walk by Kysionia Daye

A young woman’s courage to walk away from abuse, even if that meant sacrificing what she once felt as love only to mistakenly stumble upon a woman, with an unknown similar story, but of wiser age.