2020 Official Selections – Screenplays

Brides of Jesus
Framed for murder by a corrupt priest’s syndicate, a young nun and her rock band fight back with a trunk full of guns.

La Máscara Negra (El Diablo)
While enjoying a cocktail after being stood up by his date, a demon from Sebastian’s past stops by to ensure it’s his last.

Little Things Mean a Lot
The truly unique story of pretty Kitty Kallen, including her rise from humble origins to most popular U.S. singer, is revealed amid news of her untimely death.

A cynical local detective, with the assistance of her FBI ex-husband, must find a missing girl and catch a serial killer in a mountain town, that killed their daughter years before.

Made In America
From having a father who fought as a guerrilla soldier in El Salvador’s civil war to her challenging escape with her mother to America, Rikki Rivera somehow managed to never allow her integrity to be compromised.

Red, White, and You
How far would a Senator go to win an election?

Reset Button
After a chance meeting with the steel willed and wild Laura, Cameron is swept around the world, and finally having a life worth living…but will he accept it?

Following the life and morbidly mesmerizing path of Dan, a middle-aged family man, and serial killer.

Sins of Saints
A young woman who has recently accepted her sexual orientation comes home after the death of her pious mother and discovers a sister she never knew existed who ultimately teaches her the power of self acceptance and forgiveness by unveiling deep seeded family secrets.

The Loser’s Club
The self-proclaimed “The Loser’s Club” endured the constant torture and harassment by some of the elite students in their high school and decide it’s time to put an end to their torment by kidnapping and holding hostage the school’s star quarterback and head cheerleader on the day of the school’s Centennial Homecoming.