2024 Official Selections – Screenplays

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Screenplay – Feature Film

A Nightmare’s Reverie – Lianna Perry Fountain
Cuernavaca – Eliot Galán
Goodnightmare – Ian Rowe
Incubus – Shayne Davis
My Brother The Lion – Johnny Galvan
On the Hook – Sassy Mohen
Spitting Fire – Angie M. Comer
The Complex – Robert Calder Sheppard & Charlotte Mae Sheppard
They Eat Their Own – Steven Smith
Whiskey Mountain Days – Bill Walker

Screenplay – Short Film

Bev and Beauregard Simon – Alysha Haran
Fear – Noelle Ann Mabry
Gasp – Steph France
Nails – William Lott
The Revver – Mike Hanson & Kelly Susan Moothart

Screenplay – Pilot/Web Series

Keaton – Paul David Lisy
Monkey InthE Middle – Suzan Averitt & Jeff G Peters
Sorta Rican – Eric Rivera
Transitions – Rachael CG Cudlitz
Vortex Pax – Virginia Travers, Melanie Hyde & Ruben Maria Soriquez