2019 Official Selections – Screenplays


On the weekend of their favorite car show, five modern-day greasers must each find an epic way to say goodbye to their deceased friend’s ashes all while trying to save their car club, their garage, and their way of life from going under.


After coming out as gay, a Jewish diamond dealer contradicts all his previous beliefs as he sets out to rob the family business.

Ice Cold

Elle, 17, a feisty small-town girl on all-boys Canadian hockey team fights her opponents as the economically depressed town looks to her to lift them out of their humdrum lives.


Terror invades Norma’s apathetic, kitchen-sink life, as she’s gaslit by the devil to birth his child.

Poplar Ridge

While investigating the first storming of a southern jail and lynching of an African-American male by an all-white male mob in years, an FBI Special Agent is dealing with his own troubled past.


The amazing true story of baseball’s comic/tragic hero.

Run! Run! Run! – The Lives of Abbie Hoffman

’60s/’70s cultural-political zeitgeist Abbie Hoffman barely survives a brutal-secret U.S. Government vendetta to annihilate him only to face his most dangerous and lethal adversary: HIMSELF!


A girl wakes up to find herself trapped inside the twisted metal of her car after a horrible crash, unable to move and severely injured, and must find a way out before the car becomes her tomb.

The Upside Downings!

An untraditional family where the kids are adults and the parents are kids navigate through their work, school and home lives while never losing their sense of humor.


After rising through the ranks of the White House, a street smart young woman secures a high level position at the Pentagon during the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars while hiding an escalating drug habit that threatens to bring her down.