2021 Official Selections – Screenplays

After This  by Kaitlyn Clare
Terminally ill Annie and the two loves of her life – her partner Liam and their dog Whiskey – retreat to the mountains to spend their last weekend together, on their own terms.

Aimo by Maggie Craig
1943 – Russia is invading Finland. In an effort to save the children Sweden, Norway and Denmark adopt 100,000 Finnish Orphans; making it the largest exodus of War Orpans in history. Ten year old Aimo can stay and fight but his parents make him go to Sweden to watch over his younger sister. Aimo is a coming of age story of Aimo’s winter in Sweden. Aimo is based on the novel Sunpath: The War Orphan Train by Michael Maryk.

Bad Mango! by Meghan Weinstein
A jewel thief tries to go straight after a heist finally clears her debts, much to the consternation of her wisecracking sidekick- an acerbic dog, but must pull off her most dangerous heist yet in order to save her furry BFF.

Chicago Underground by T.J. Barkwill
To pay off his gambling debts to the mob, a desperate unemployed black man and single father to a five-year-old is forced to kill a man—but having discovered a talent for murder he finds himself caught up in the twists and turns of a gang war which lead to his son being placed in harm’s way.

go-LOVE-go by John A. Griffin
JOHN, a thirty-something Stanford grad struggling with unemployment and writer’s block, goes on “The Wheel of Fortune” and wins a trip for two to Costa Rica… but has no one to take. Fresh out of the closet and hesitant to immerse himself in his new world, his female best friend, KEILI, introduces John to the West Hollywood scene, hoping to find him a traveling companion… and a fresh script idea.

Leave Room for Jesus by Olivia Capestany
After her parents’ split, a thirteen-year old girl moves with her mom to Seattle and attends a Catholic school where she endures a tidal wave of pre-pubescent confusion as she explores the complexities of sexuality, divorce, friendship, and most of all, Catholic guilt.

Nemesis by Helena Derett
In a world where heroes and villains are genetically identified at birth, a desperate superhero father will do anything to protect his young daughter tagged as a future villain, even if it means turning into the world’s greatest nemesis.

Rebel in a Modern Age by Ed Munter
In a futuristic society controlled by technology, a leader of an outlaw rock band protests government suppression of self-expression only to discover a much greater challenge facing the future of mankind.

Regalia by Katy Jordan
Six women who used their low social standing in the eyes of men to their advantage as a means of heroically securing Scotland’s future.

Rennies by Daniel Roche
A young squire must battle massive egos in the royal court, pacify an uprising from the non-SAG peasant actors, catch an unauthorized Town Leper, and win the heart of the Golden Knight to keep the Renaissance Faire from being canceled.

Room To Let by Daniel Talbott & Addie Johnson Talbott
With his body scarred and his life in shambles after a bomb blast in Afghanistan, former Marine Jasper stumbles through time and space into a chance encounter with Tennessee Williams, who sends him to Key West to become a writer. Once there, he arrives at the alluring Whitehead Mansion, where he moves in next to a malevolent space called The Killing Room, whose compelling energy might help him become whole again, but at what cost?

She Creature by Maria Krovatin & Chris Krovatin
One woman’s struggle trying to make it in the male-dominated world of stop-motion, CGI, and monstrous make-up known as creature character acting.

Splicer by Shayne Eastin
A first date between two young women becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse across space and time.

VoiDead by Karina Kalaydzhyan
Worlds collide when three witches cast a spell in the underworld that unexpectedly clashes with a Ouija board in the mortal realm. The collision strands the witches in small town Brooksdale where they attempt to find their way back to the netherworld. However, after befriending a special mortal with inherent magical powers, they soon realize that the collision was no accident.

Written By by Lilton Stewart III
Two screenwriters collaborate on an infamous, horror treatment – only to find that the project is cursed.