2019 Awards

Grand Jury Prize Winners

Best Feature Film – Groupers
Best Short Film – Drama – The Wind Phone
Best Short Film – Comedy – Beach Day
Best Short Film – Horror – Nocturne
Best Documentary Film – Suffer For Good
Music Video – I Could Have Died
Best Director, Feature Film – Anderson Cowan, Groupers
Best Director, Short Film – DAVI.IN, Dream/Life

Best Actress in a Lead Role – Nicole Dambro, Groupers
Best Actor in a Lead Role – Elliott Kashner, The Last of the Manson Girls
Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Jenna Curtis, The Man and Mel
Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Cameron Duckett, Groupers
Best Performance by a Full Cast – The Wind Phone
Best Screenplay – Kristen Gerweck, The Wind Phone
Outstanding Cinematography – Jon Keng, The Wind Phone
Best Art Direction – Alex Dixon, Beast

Best Screenplay (Unproduced) – Rube by Dan O’Brien; Run! Run! Run! – The Lives of Abbie Hoffman by Michael J. Shapiro; Stuck by Rich Van Tine

Audience Award Winners

Audience Award, Feature Film – The Last of the Manson Girls
Audience Award, Short Film – Worthy
Audience Award, Documentary Film – Radical Acts of Love

Filmmakers Award Winners

Outstanding Short Films – Dream/Life, Shanghai Sole
Outstanding Directors – Kristen Gerweck, The Wind Phone; Mike Trainotti, Nocturne
Outstanding Screenplay – DAVI.IN, Dream/Life; Laura Holliday, Girl Friend
Outstanding Acting, Cast – Lemon, The Man and Mel
Outstanding Acting, Individual – Megumi Kabe, The Wind Phone; T’ai Hartley, The Man and Mel
Outstanding Cinematography – Justyn Moro, Lemon

Programmer’s Prize

Outstanding Films: How To Get A Boyfriend, The Man and Mel

Prize Definitions/Explanations

Grand Jury Prizes – determined by the festival’s official selection committee.
Audience Awards – determined by highly scientific instruments placed throughout the theater to determine audience satisfaction.
Filmmakers Awards – given only to short films, these are determined by a panel of fifteen filmmakers whose films have been Official Selections previous years.
Programmer’s Prize – given to film(s) that festival programmer Jeff Howard cannot bear to see go without an award.  This is generally a film that was runner-up in a bunch of categories and its general greatness deserves an award.