2017 Screenplay Official Selections

2017 Screenplay Competition

Official Selections

FILA is proud to present the Official Selections in our screenplay competition.  A Grand Jury Prize will be awarded one of these sixteen unproduced screenplays.  In the meantime, please read these loglines and if you want to read one of them, just ask FILA to put you in touch with the writer.

Alien Eradication by Daniel Furuya & Jamon Holmes

Angels vs Demons I: Gateway to Hell by Slavica Bogdanov

In a world where the pact between God and Lucifer has been broken, 5 heroes are trained, armed and given special powers by Archangels to get into Hell and destroy Lucifer’s machination to engulf the Earth in complete evil darkness.

Budo by Rebecca Carter

A recovering junkie finds redemption in martial arts and enters the seedy world of amateur fighting in a perilous attempt to keep his family together.

Bunnyman Bridge by Colin Stewart

Through recent events, a small town sheriff uncovers an old grisly town secret that endangers her 8 year old adopted daughter’s life. With the aid of two strangers she’s never met, she must fight off a rouge FBI agent and a malevolent spirit to save her daughter’s life.

FEAR, There & Everywhere by Anthony Vollmer & Craig Horwitz

Fire Will Roar by Andreas Roenning

On her 18th birthday the adopted ALMA is presented with the inheritance from her biological parents: A forlorn house on Barren Island, Alaska. She travels there and piece by piece she connects the dots of her bloodline of craziness and finds out that she’s violently tainted by that same insanity.

Green Lantern by Crafty St. James

Kyle Rayner, a young, arrogant, graphic designer is haphazardly given the most powerful ring in the universe and only through great loss does he learn its history and true power.

Hell on Neptune by Robert J. Rogers

An Army brat discovers who he is, and a weapon anyone would kill to get. That weapon … is a ray gun!

Left Of The Devil by Stephen Anderson

Two boys are abducted by a psychopath and raised as brothers, until the eldest escapes. Years later he’s married with a young daughter, living a normal life, until the emergence of a child-killer drags him back to his brother and their buried past.

Level 5 by Jamon Holmes, Daniel Furuya & Daniel Louis

Lost Cause by David J. Schroeder

A medically retired explosives expert salvages a lost nuclear bomb while fighting Black-Ops terrorist off the coast of Florida.

Made From Scratch by David-Matthew Barnes

When the paths of four women merge, each experiences a moment of truth, inspiring them to make considerable changes in their lives.

Missing Persons by Chris Bieszk

A one-legged detective with PTSD must convince a teenage prostitute to return home before her pimp kills them both.

Saira by John “Zeus” Kontoyannis

Saira, a mysterious hybrid alien of immense power and the last of the Jethwa people, appears on Hugo Crane’s property. Her first actions show evil intent. But that is far from the truth. Her mission: annihilate the Vaar, the sinister alien race that has occupied earth for the last 10 years and save the human race.

The Best Version of You by Mark Ward & Shannon Meehan

A malfunctioning android struggles to appease her abusive owner before he scraps her for an upgrade, but when an enigmatic newer model arrives to treat her, she must confront her trauma or become obsolete.

The Wonderful by Demitra Papadinis

After acquiring the power to atone for the sins of others, a misfit
young woman strives to bear the torments of a world which has no faith
in her.