FILA 2020 Screening Room

This page will be your one-stop to watch the Official Selections for FILA 2020.

All of the screenings are FREE.  If you want to support a festival dedicated to purely independent films, you can click here to give a $5 or $10 gift to the festival by purchasing a virtual ticket to a screening.

If you want to go straight to our Vimeo Showcase for the 2020 festival, Click Here

If you want to go to a specific FILA 2020 Program, they are listed with links below.

Program 1 – Comedy Spotlight   Click Here To View
How To Save A Marriage
Grief Vigilantes
First States

Program 2 – Authentic Spotlight Click Here To View
The Hostess
Fantasmas (Ghosts)

Program 3 – Music Video Spotlight Click Here To View
Nice Shoes
Near Dark Radio

Program 4 – Documentary Spotlight   Click Here To View
Comfort Farms

Program 5 – Cinematic Spotlight Click Here To View
Passenger Man
The Bus to Birra Birra

Program 6 – Documentary Spotlight  Click Here To View

Program 7 – Intensity Spotlight  Click Here To View
Far Gone
The Squirrels in the Attic

Program 8 – Boldness Spotlight
Bengal  Click Here To View
Kiko’s Saints  Click Here To View

Program 9 – Zen Spotlight   Click Here To View
Desire Lines

Program 10 – Truth Spotlight   Click Here To View

Program 11- Hollywood Spotlight   Click Here To View

FILA Screenplay Awards Ceremony   Click Here To View

Program 12 – Honesty Spotlight   Click Here To View
LA Break up

Program 13 – Satire Spotlight   Click Here To View
Granny Knows Best
Artísta Obscura

Program 14 – Retro Spotlight   Click Here To View
American SciFi

Program 15 – Breakthrough Spotlight   Click Here To View
Three Roads

Program 16 – Originality Spotlight   Click Here To View
Kids Don’t Die
Kama’āina (Child of the Land)

Program 17 – Eclectic Spotlight
Sidepiece – No longer streaming
To the Moon and Back (trailer)   Click Here To View

Program 18 – Virtuoso Spotlight   – Not available online

Program 19 – Inventive Spotlight   Click Here To View
The World Inside
Village of the Gramned

Program 20 – Innovative Spotlight   Click Here To View
Cold Hard Blood

Program 21 – Uproarious Spotlight Click Here To View
Life’s A Bitch And Then One Kills You

Program 22 – Epiphany Spotlight   Click Here To View
Sofa Queen

Trailers of Official Selections Not Streaming
Casanova Click Here To View the Trailer and Q&A
His Mother   Click Here To View
Joseph turns 42 (Or the Inconsistency of Wonders)   Click Here To View
Starting at Zero: Reimagining Education in America   Click Here To View