2022 Official Selection: Short Film – Drama & Experimental/Arthouse

A psychological drama set in Los Angeles, about a
troubled, mentally ill, young woman who personifies her illness
into a man and has to choose love in order to move on.

Director(s): Therese Gotlib
Writer(s): Therese Gotlib
Producer(s): Therese Gotlib
Cast: Yasmin LeComte, Matthew Gasper, Kasey Esser

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Le Winner

2022 Official Selection: Short Film – Comedy

40-year-old Hervé, horn-rimmed-glasses and a bowl cut, is a cocky loser with basic dreams : find a girl, get a permanent contract. A strange individual with long hair, lurking near Hervé’s building is going to help him in an unexpected way.

Director(s): Aliénor Duplessis
Writer(s): Aliénor Duplessis
Producer(s): Aliénor Duplessis
Cast: Kim Giani, Pascal Voglimacci, Nicolas Lorange


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Best to Share

2022 Official Selection: Short Film – Horror

We’ve all seen a “Share this post with 10 people or something bad will happen to you” post. Things get weird when Casey ignores the threat.

Director(s): Christopher James Cramer
Writer(s): Christopher James Cramer
Producer(s): Christopher James Cramer
Cast: Devin Brooke, Riley Cramer Brooke

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Sons of Toledo

2022 Official Selection: Short Film – Drama

After receiving the early morning news of his younger brother’s murder, a mourning barber pushes through the muddy waters of grief to find the courage to do the impossible – give his brother one last cut.

Director(s): Monty Cole
Writer(s): Matt Foss, Monty Cole
Producer(s): Matt Foss, Diana Perez Riveros
Cast: Marcus Temple, Jamal Grant, Shinaul Jones, Tawan Gaston and Cincere Temple

A true story told by the people living it.

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i tell you very softly

2022 Official Selection: Feature Film – Comedy

Living in the lie is like constantly living in reality the real one means…

After his ex-wife’s death, Giuseppe and his long-time partner Nikolas receive custody of Giuseppe’s son and daughter. Meanwhile, Giuseppe’s three sisters will put them to a very severe, and hilarious, test. “A real Italian family.“

Director(s): Pasquale Marrazzo
Writer(s): Pasquale Marrazzo, Fabrizio Bozzetti, Roberto Traverso
Producer(s): NOI FILM
Cast: Lucia Vasini, Stefano Chiodaroli, Pietro Pignatelli

The truth is always in front of us! Just don’t look at it and everything will be fine, right Giuseppe?

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The Long Way to Die

2022 Official Selection: Short Film – Documentary

Actor Peter Egan and filmmaker Andrew Telling travelled 15,000 miles to witness the dog meat trade in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. They expected darkness, cruelty and pain. They experienced far worse. However, amid the horror, there were some whose light restored their faith in humanity.

Director(s): Andrew Telling
Featuring: Peter Egan

Peter and Lola rescuing a ‘meat’ dog from the Longowan market.

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