The World Inside

2020 Official Selection:  Narrative Short Film – Drama

Camila’s world seems perfect on the outside, but appearances are deceiving. She risks everything by keeping a book a secret.

Director(s): Luisa Novo
Writer(s): Luisa Novo
Producer(s): Luisa Novo, Denise Szabo, Vanessa Sandre
Cast: Vanessa Sandre, Lucas Lacerda Albuquerque, Clei Grött

Look beyond the surface.

2020 Official Selections – Films

Kama’āina (Child of the Land)

2020 Official Selection: Narrative Short Film – Drama

After suffering abuse from her stepfather, a 16 y/o queer Mahina must navigate life on the streets, until she eventually finds refuge at the Puuhonua o Waianae – Hawaii’s largest organized homeless encampment.

Director(s): Kimi Howl Lee
Writer(s): Kimi Lee
Producer(s): Anastasia Solovieva and Sabina Friedman-Seitz
Starring: Malia Kamalani Soon, Twinkle Borge, Sabina Friedman-Seitz, Alex Suvusa, Nainoa Brown-Kahananui, Aria Alexander, Lenny.

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2020 Official Selection: Narrative Feature Film

A conflicted adult film actress attends a meditation group and mixes with an offbeat clientele and their troubled guru.

Director(s): Mehdi Avaz
Writer(s): Mehdi Avaz
Producer(s): Misam Avaz, Kim Magnusson, Sara Victoria Bjerre Pedersen
Starring: Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Cecilie Stenspil, Karla Avaz, Henning Jensen, Tommy Kenter, Sebastian Jessen, Emilie Kroyer Koppel.


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