2019 Schedule – Tickets on Sale Now

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Program 1 – Originality Spotlight
Friday, June 7, 7 PM
Everything is Temp
Mr. Throw ‘Em Down The Stairs
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Program 2 – Empowerment Spotlight
Friday, June 7, 8:30 PM
Girl Friend
How To Get A Boyfriend
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Program 3 – Documentary Spotlight
Friday, June 7, 10 PM
The Sweetest Land (Trailer)
Suffer for Good
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Program 4 – Suspense Spotlight
Saturday, June 8, 6 PM
About Steven
Lightning Strikes
She & Her
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Program 5 – Cutting Edge Spotlight
Saturday, June 8, 8 PM
The Derailers
Hammer Jackson
The Man and Mel
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Program 6 – Kidnapping Spotlight
Saturday, June 8, 10 PM
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Program 7 – Revolutionary Spotlight
Sunday, June 9, 12 PM
Radical Acts Of Love (Trailer)
The Last of the Manson Girls
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Program 8 – Danger Spotlight
Sunday, June 9, 2 PM
Kings Boulevard
I Could Have Died
The Wind Phone
FILA Screenplay Awards
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Program 9 – Confrontation Spotlight
Sunday, June 9, 4 PM
Beach Day
Stand Down
Shanghai Sole
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