Grand Jury Prize Winners

Congratulations to our Grand Jury Prize Winners!  More difficult than selecting which films to invite to the festival is choosing which will win the Grand Jury Prizes.  The Jury deliberated, and after much discussion and debate, selected the following works:

Grand Jury Prize
Narrative Feature Film

(88 minutes)
Three stories examining what it means to live, find connection, deal with trauma, and do more than just exist, in the rural landscape of small mining town in West Virginia.

Written & Directed by Preston Peterson & Jason Boesch
Produced by Colleen Kelly, Isabel Junie Hildebrandt, Richard Moon
Starring: Peter Van Norden, John T. Woods, William Thomas

Grand Jury Prize
Narrative Feature Film

(104 minutes)
Following an actor’s preparation for a terrifying role. As reality and fantasy blurs, he finds himself lost between both worlds.

Directed by Steven Doxey
Written by Steven Doxey & Brandon Sean Pearson
Produced by Steven Doxey & Brandon Sean Pearson & Michael Doxey
Starring: Brandon Sean Pearson, Kent Hadfield, Chris Persky, Jane Noble, Julia Fae, Benjamin Horatio Garvis, Elena Scarlett Murray

Grand Jury Prize
Narrative Short Film

(18 minutes)
Based on a true story: 1930’s professional ball player, Moe Berg, is recruited by the burgeoning U.S. intelligence department known as the O.S.S. and sent on a mission that would impact the greatest war the world has ever seen.

Written & Directed by Jamie Brindle
Produced by John Houston, Michael Curylo, Regan A. Young, Jamie Brindle
Starring Keith Edie, David Carey Foster, John Houston

Grand Jury Prize
Narrative Short Film

(12 minutes)
An allegorical tale of a couple who attempt to renew their dying relationship by plugging directly into recordings of their memories

Written & Directed by James Siewert
Produced by Chris Skotchdopole
Starring: Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, Schuyler Helford

Grand Jury Prize
Narrative Short Film

(15 minutes)
Two people struggle to hold on to a life long love in a world represented by the building of a fort.

Directed by Adam Bowman
Written by Jennifer Webster
Produced by  Adam Bowman, Jennifer Webster
Starring: Brian Johnson, Aidan Grimm, Zoe Reynolds, Megan Kinney, Matt Gardner, Jennifer Webster, Jonathan Fredrick, Carol Holstead, and James Ortlieb

Grand Jury Prize
Documentary Film

(34 minutes)
Wrongfully arrested for filming the police during a benign incident with a homeless person, Debra Goodman takes on the NYPD and city of New York in an attempt to enshrine a person’s legal right to film the police.

Directed and Produced by Chris Fiore

Grand Jury Prize
Documentary Film

(33 minutes)
Driven by the beauty of its landscape and the potential in its vacant Art Deco architecture, Julian Price searches Asheville for the brave, hardworking dreamers, and provides them with a miracle — capital for expansion in exchange for improving downtown with their presence.

Directed by Erin Derham
Executive Produced by Rachel Price, Meg MacLeod
Produced by Scott Campbell

Grand Jury Prize
Screenplay (unproduced)

Written by Jude Gerard Prest

The story of an alienated, bitter man whose life gets turned completely upside down when he is forced to relive seemingly random moments of his past after an angel accidentally drops his file, scattering and re-ordering the events of his life.

Film Invasion L.A. Day Three

Day three was terrific!  The team at FILA wishes to extend our deepest thanks to all of the filmmakers and everyone who made up the fantastic audiences.

We especially want to thank the filmmakers whose films we screened on Day Three, including Joshua Ojeda (PAPA), George Moise (Counter Clockwise), Gary Plummer (Orion), Amanda Markowitz (Love Meet Hope), Eva Chen (Being Her Friend), Jeremy Pion-Berlin (Passports), Brad Douglas (The Settling), Donald Watson (Let There Be Peace), Chris Fiore (Goodwoman), Steve Desmond (Monsters), Quincy Rose (Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends), Paulina Lagudi (This Is How), and David Guglielmo and Nick Chakwin (No Way To Live).

We thank every one of these filmmakers for sharing their work with the FILA audience. 

Film Invasion L.A. Day Two

The team at FILA wants to send a huge thank-you to everyone who attended Film Invasion L.A. Day Two.  We appreciate all of the people who came out in support of independent film – we could not have done it without you.

We especially want to thank the filmmakers who attended the festival, including Kuang Lee (Buddy Solitaire), Victor Valerio (The Lost),  Neil Payne, Josh Matt Rivera & Sascha Ghafoor (Alpha Phi), Ashley Erin Campbell, Holland Olmsted & Jay Blair (Above Jewels), Jamie Brindle & John Houston (The Catcher), Rachel Price (Julian Price), Marc Lucas (Our Time), Adam Bowman & Jennifer Webster (How To Build A Fort), Graham Elwood & Chris Mancini (Ear Buds), Pandie Suicide & Erik Boccio (Blood Bath), and Preston Peterson, Jason Boesch, Zachary Ray Sherman, Ryan Stone, & Meagan English (West Virginia Stories).

We love our filmmakers and we love their films.  Thank you so much for the tremendously fun Q&A’s after your films.  See you soon! 

Film Invasion L.A. Day One

A huge thank-you to everyone who attended Film Invasion L.A. Day One, both filmmakers and the public.  We could not be happier with the films, our staff, and the people at the Whitefire Theatre.

We especially want to thank the filmmakers who attended the festival, including Miri Stone (The Hunter), Marius Iliescu (When My Eyes Go Dark), Michael Vaughn Hernandez & Kally Khourshid (Martyr), Jason Levering & David Weiss & Garrett Sheeks (Black Luck), Chris McElroy & Corey Schmalzle (Ghostland Boys), Dylan Sanford & Yancy Berns & Gary Wolf (An Entanglement), Steven Doxey & Julia Fae (Artificve), Max Silver & Rachel Sklar (Trunk Space), and Riley Wood (A Life Lived).

Zac Reeder of Electric Entertainment joins the Board

Film Invasion L.A. is proud to announce that Zac Reeder, Head of Domestic Distribution at Electric Entertainment, has joined our Board.

Zac Reeder is a versatile entertainment executive currently working as Head of Domestic Distribution at Electric Entertainment. Prior to Electric, Zac was a Senior Manager in content acquisitions on the Global Features team at Netflix. He previously oversaw content strategy and acquisitions for Hallmark’s streaming subscription video on demand (SVOD) startup, Feeln. While at Feeln, Zac negotiated content deals with major studios such as Warner Bros, Sony, NBCU, Paramount, and MGM, along with numerous independent distributors and producers. His duties also included creative development of original productions as well as business development and partnerships.

Director Mike Flanagan joins the Board

Film Invasion L.A. is proud to announce that director Mike Flanagan has joined the Board.  

Mike Flanagan began his feature film career in 2000 with “Makebelieve” at the age of 21. His follow up, “Still Life” (2001) was an award winning digital feature shot in and around Baltimore.  Flanagan then produced television programming for Discovery and ESPN in 2002, and in 2003 wrote and directed the award-winning feature film “Ghosts of Hamilton Street”.   He wrote and directed the applauded indie horror film “Absentia,” which he credits with establishing his career. “Absentia” led to “Oculus” (2014) and “Before I Wake” (2015).

Producer Jonathan Stern joins the Board

We are proud to announce that producer Jonathan Stern has joined the Board of Film Invasion L.A.  Jonathan Stern is the founder of Abominable Pictures, a creator-driven comedy production company that develops and produces content for television, web and film. He is the Emmy Award-winning Executive Producer of the television comedies Childrens Hospital (2008), NTSF:SD:SUV (2011), Newsreaders (2013), Garfunkel and Oates (2014), and You’re Whole (2012). In digital, Stern has executive produced Yahoo’s Burning Love (2012), Hulu’s The Hotwives of Orlando (2014), Wainy Days (2007), Horrible People (2008), and Beef (2014). He has produced numerous feature films including Oxygen (1999), Scotland, Pa. (2001), The Vagina Monologues (2002), Diggers (2006) and The Ten (2007).

Producer/Director Dan Mirvish joins the Board

Film Invasion L.A. is proud to announce that producer/director Dan Mirvish has joined the Board.  A co-founder of the upstart Slamdance Film Festival, Dan Mirvish is also an active director, screenwriter and producer. Labeled a “cheerful subversive” by The New York Times, and “Hollywood’s Bad Boy” by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Mirvish has been named as one of Variety’s Top 50 Creatives to Watch, as well as one of Film Festival Today’s Top 25 Most Influential People in Independent Film.