FILA Screenwriter’s Project on Amazon

Film Invasion L.A. is excited to share that Craig Horwitz & Anthony Vollmer, whose screenplay FEAR, There & Everywhere was one of our Official Selections for Screenplay, have a new project available on Amazon.

The Mayo Conspiracy on Amazon

Sneaking and tricking their way into the food supply, paying off politicians, as well as the FDA, mayo-boarding and even assassinating those who get in their way, turning back all our recent food and health care reforms, well, those are just some of the sins committed by the food cartel knows as BIG MAYO, that never made it into the history books. However, the full truth about the most polarizing condiment in American history is now out. The Mayo Conspiracy is available to view on Amazon! Check out this award-winning indie film!

The Mayo Conspiracy is FREE if you have Amazon Prime.

Well done, Craig & Anthony!

Source: FILA