Hacking for the Commons

2021 Official Selection: Feature Film – Documentary

This Screening is LIVE!  Click here to watch this film at the film’s official Video On Demand page.

A film about the ongoing fight worlwide to keep access to knowledge part of Humanity Commons.

Director(s): Philippe BORREL
Writer(s): Philippe BORREL, Marion CHATAING, Annabelle JARRY
Producer(s): Tancrède RAMONET, Jérémy ZELNIK / TEMPS NOIR production
Featuring: Vandana Shiva, Richard Stallman, Joseph Stiglitz, James Boyle, David Bollier, Guy Standing, James Love, Francis Gurry, Anthony Di Franco, Steve Berman, Kevin Kenney, Lydia Brasch and many others.

To save our planet, should we let knowledge be privatized?

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