Robots Don’t Tell Jokes

2023 Official Selection: Short Film – Animation

Robot thinks he has a wonderful joke, so he keeps trying to tell it, but none of the other robots ever laugh. They tell him “robots don’t tell jokes…” Will Robot give up on his awesome joke or will he find his tribe?  Stop-motion using mainly wood scraps and metal pieces.

Director(s): Kelli Caldwell
Writer(s): Kelli Caldwell
Producer(s): Kelli Caldwelli


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2023 Official Selection: Featurette – Horror

After the death of her abusive ex-boyfriend, Nova connects with his most recent girlfriend- only to realize that some spirits have a hard time staying buried.

Director(s): Jordan Pfeifer
Writer(s): Jordan Pfeifer
Producer(s): Jordan Pfeifer, Angela Nancy Chapman, Eliana Mullins
Key Cast: Emily Gateley, Daisy Tichenor

World Premiere!

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CROOKS – Heart of Vengeance

2023 Official Selection: Music Video

The story of a scientist inventing the key to eternal life. A couple of thugs steal his invention and leave him and his daughter for dead. In order to come back to life he sells his soul to the devil. Armed only with a heart of vengeance, and an Axe, he hunts down the crooks one by one. . .

Director(s): Snorre Fuglsang Ruhe
Writer(s): Snorre Fuglsang Ruhe
Producer(s): Jens Formann
Key Cast: Christoffer Svane

Los Angeles Premiere!

They picked the wrong man to kill!

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2023 Official Selection: Feature Film – Drama

Seb works the graveyard shift at the donut shop and is visited by a ghost from their past.

Director(s): Rene Gannon-O’Gara
Writer(s): Rene Gannon-O’Gara
Producer(s): Lauren Goetzman, Rene Gannon-O’Gara, Sua Yoo, Pavli Serenetsky, Ben Mullen, David Gantz
Key Cast: Sua Yoo, Pavli Serenetsky, Simone Niamani, DeMorge Brown, Tim O’Gara

World Premiere!

The hole makes it whole.

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Test Drive

2023 Official Selection: Short Film – Horror

In war-torn 2062, a grounded fighter pilot agrees to raise a genetically modified child, only to discover his precocious daughter’s DNA is designed for nefarious purposes.

Director(s): Sam Tahhan
Writer(s): Sam Tahhan
Producer(s): KT Kent, Nolan Reese
Key Cast: Tasos Hernandez, Isabella Salazar, Steven Dudley, Jade Holman-Travis, Sami Martinez, Rhianna DeVries

That’s the thing about sweet things. The taste gets old too fast.

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The Call of Water

2023 Official Selection: Short Film – Horror

Flung into the astral-plane, Nadia must face ancient forces in order to realize her responsibility to her homeland.

Director(s): Kaya Tone
Writer(s): Kaya Tone
Producer(s): David M. Night Maire, Brian Plain, Tim Preston
Key Cast: Trinity Simpson, Emily Bollman, Sawyer Wright, Eric Palmer, Rebecca Hamner, Tamara Jakos, Haiden Davis

What lies within you may never let you go


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The Erl King

2023 Official Selection: Short Film – Horror

When a young woman from a strict, colonial village suddenly finds herself seduced by an ancient woodland god, she falls into a fantastical romance that quickly threatens to consume her.

Director(s): Genevieve Kertesz
Writer(s): Keith Karnish, Rachel Anne Weise, Genevieve Kertesz
Producer(s): Rachel Anne Weise
Key Cast: Marti Matulis, Emma Halleen

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Margot’s Off the Market

2023 Official Selection: Short Film – Comedy

On the day she meets her potential soulmate, Margot receives news which may alter the course of her budding romance.

Director(s): Courtney Karwal
Writer(s): Amanda Brooke Perrin
Producer(s): Courtney Karwal, Amanda Brooke Perrin
Key Cast: Ammanda Brooke Perrin, Andrew Lindh, Newman Wold, Courtney Karwal, Jordan Temple

World Premiere!

True love happens when you’re expecting

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