FILA Prize Winner Released on Amazon


Artifice is released on Amazon Video today!  Winner of Film Invasion Los Angeles’ Grand Jury Prize for Feature Film,  Artifice follows a driven actor’s preparation for a terrifying role. As reality and fantasy blur, he finds himself lost between both worlds.

The film is available now!

The filmmakers note that the first hours are critical to the film getting traction, so if you or friends watch the film, be sure to rate it and leave a review. Also note that Amazon tracks who has watched the film all the way through, so make sure you finish the film.

Artifice will be available on iTunes on June 28th, and shortly thereafter on Google Play.

Screening – June 4, 2017 – 9:30 PM – Dave & Blue World Order

Dave – Blue World Order

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Dave (10 minutes)

Two detectives arrive on the scene after a call regarding the death of one of the detective’s family members. While the two dispute over whether it’s a murder or suicide, what they end up discovering is not what they would have ever expected.

Director: Shawn Lebert
Writers: Seth Johnson & Shawn Lebert
Producers: Shawn Lebert (as well as executive producer), Seth Johnson, Corey Critser, Emily Critser
Cast: PJ Marshall, Anne Leighton, Wendell Kinney, Mike Sweet

Blue World Order (108 minutes)

In a world governed by a virus, one man remains immune. And the key to freeing the survivors, is also the last child on Earth… his daughter. Mad Max meets Children of men with a dash of Star Wars in this original Sci-Fi/action drama.

Directors: Ché Baker & Dallas Bland
Writers: Sarah Mason & Ché Baker & Dallas Bland
Cast: Billy Zane, Jack Thompson, Stephern Hunter, Jake Ryan

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Screening – June 4, 2017 – 7:00 PM – Bert & Wichita


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Bert (15 minutes)

A young girl escapes the oppression of her alcoholic mother with the help of her best friend, Bert, the monster who lives under her bed.

Written & Directed by Aaron Bush
Produced by Tyler Evans &  Shayda Frost
Director of Photography Auden Bui
Cast: Roxie Ybarra, Jyl Kaneshiro, Mike Kersey, Cheetah Platt, Boone Platt, Megan Brotherton

Wichita (88 minutes)

A shocking glimpse into the dark mind of the modern psycho killer.

Directed by Matthew Ward and Justyn Ah Chong
Screenplay by Matthew Ward
Produced by Yaniv Elani Matthew Ward Justyn Ah Chong Nate Gold
Cast: Trevor Peterson, Persia White, Caitlin Gerard, Demetri Goritsas, Christopher Wolfe, Melinda Lee, Sondra Kerr Blake

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Screening – June 4, 2017 – 4:45 PM – Memorial Day, Polite Expressions & Tangoborn Menclenty

obSETHed: Memorial Day – Polite Expressions – Tangoborn Menclenty

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obSETHed: Memorial Day (4 minutes)

Seth Coltan can never say the right thing. Unfortunately, his big moment at a funeral is no different.. 

Director: Zack Matzganis
Writer/Producer: Seth Coltan
Cast: Seth Coltan, Marcia Moran

Polite Expressions (5 minutes)

As people come to collect on a woman’s meaningless social niceties which they took literally, she begins to unravel and eventually her secrets come out.

Director/Writer:  Ian Camacho
Producers: Ian Camacho, Kelly Morton, Chris Wells, Ian Wells
Cast: Kyla Schoer, Justin Sorvillo, Rebecca Avery, Sylvia Panacione, Ashlyn Boots, Berna Roberts

Tangoborn Menclenty (76 minutes)

A manufactured moron is sent by aliens to save the Earth from itself. He falls in love with a hologram and a pimp named Parquet.

Writer/Director: E. Grimes Michaels
Producer: Stacey Wilson
Cast: Andrew Friedman

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Screening – June 4, 2017 – 2:45 PM – Lariat, Becoming Lucy, Dress in Black & AMYDEE

Lariat – Becoming Lucy – Dress in Black – AMYDEE


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Lariat (10 minutes)

Cara James finally made the tough choice to run away from her abusive family to the home of a close friend to seek safe passage out of the county. However their safety comes into question when Cara’s family tries to track her down.

Directors: Charlie Hamilton, Zachary Ramelan
Producers: Karl Janisse, Anna Jane Edmonds
Cast: David Michael Moote, Elma Begovic, Kirsten Wendlandt, Cody Thompson, Mitch Verigin, Alexander Loubert, Kevin Monster

Becoming Lucy (14 minutes)

Lucy, 15, blames her mother for her father leaving them for a 24 year-old blonde. When she finds out her crush at school likes blondes, she dyes her hair to get the attention of both men.

Writer/Director: Luisa Novo
Producers: Pipo Wagner, Daniela Shaw
Cast: Maitlyn Pezzo, Heather Dowling, Cory Derr, Octavio Rodriguez, Jessica Castello, Emily Boyle, Sarah Best, Hannah Dannelly, Kirsten Hansen, Todd Dunlavey, Mathilde Pareja

Dress In Black (10 minutes)

Hoping to come to terms with why she is unable to get out of bed, Olivia explores her memories and imagination.

Writer, Producer and Director: Daniel Daly.
Principal Cast: Daniella Hutchings, Eugénie Muggleton

AMYDEE (16 minutes)

Since surviving a physical assault, Amy has been keeping a low profile.  But when a young woman turned up dead in her neighborhood, Amy is forced to face her fears again, revealing the her real fight is far from over.

Written & Directed by: Amy DePaola
Produced by: Amy DePaola, Katie Shannon, Christopher Thomas
Starring: Amy DePaola, Derek Shea, Kerri Sohn

Screening – June 4, 2017 – 12:00 PM – Find Happy, The Bus Trip, & The Comedy Club

Find Happy – The Bus Trip – The Comedy Club

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Find Happy (10 minutes)

Documentary: Struggling to find happiness in our modern world filled with stress and worry, filmmaker Grant Gadbois set out on a journey to find the key to happiness, and where else to best find this than the happiest nation on Earth, Denmark.

The Bus Trip (14 minutes)

Documentary: An animated travel diary from Israel and Palestine.

The Comedy Club (90 minutes)

Documentary:  When a fire destroys Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco, defiant owner Tom Sawyer and his crew of comedians rebuild it, hoping to revive the struggling indie comedy scene. 

Featuring: Dana Carvey, Bob Saget, Paula Poundstone, Robin Williams, Kevin Pollak, Bobcat Goldthwait, W. Kamau Bell

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2017 Screening Schedule

We are proud to announce the schedule for Film Invasion L.A. 2017!

June 4

12:00 pm – Find Happy (10 minutes), The Bus Trip (14 minutes), The Comedy Club (90 minutes)

2:45 pm – Lariat (10 minutes), Becoming Lucy (14 minutes), Dress in Black (10 minutes), AMYDEE (16 minutes)

4:45pm – obSETHed: Memorial Day (4 minutes), Polite Expressions (5 minutes), Tangoborn Menclenty (76 minutes)

7:00 pm – Bert (15 minutes), WICHITA (88 minutes)

9:30 pm – Dave (10 minutes), Blue World Order (108 minutes)

June 11

12:00 pm – High & Tight (16 minutes), REPATRIATION (73 minutes)

2:30 pm – The Blind Center (15 minutes), Something Fun (70 minutes)

5:00 pm – Sharpé (13 minutes), Twin Cities (99 minutes)

7:45 pm – That Party That One Night (15 minutes), Fiebre en la Disco (15 minutes), Sticks (18    minutes), Dress Rehearsal (21 minutes)

10:00 pm – Live or Die in La Honda (80 minutes)