See 9 Great Films Tonight!

Have you ever said, “The Hollywood studios only give us superheroes and sequels.”  Then you should come to Film Invasion Los Angeles TONIGHT!

Do you like Comedy?  Documentary?  Action?  Drama?  Sci-Fi?  Satire?  Social commentary?   A little bit of everything is playing tonight.

7 PM
Program 1 – Inventive Spotlight
Americana 6:20
Here After 10:00
The Blogger 13:00

Program 2 – Adventure Spotlight
Jeffington 2:30
girl eating banana: audition 6:00
Fringe Territory 13:25
Shark Week 16:07

9:30 PM
Program 3 – Documentary Spotlight
Family: A Love Story 18:01
Until They’re Gone 1:26:42