Squirrel Mountain ‘Iggy To The Rescue’

2021 Official Selection: Short Film – Comedy

Squirrel Mountain is a magic land where Iggy Pop joins forces with Fairy Frosty Flakes against the Evil Egg and his army of subversive Knitted Chickens.

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Directed by Tim Nathan & Angelica Campion
Produced & written by Angelica Campion
Assistant director – Chantelle Duncan
Music production – Kevin Armstrong
Songs – Kevin Armstrong & Angelica Campion
Editing – Mat Hector
Executive Producer – David Caffrey

Narrator – Stefan Frank
Rocket – Fox Campion-Armstrong
Stanley – Baylee Blu Frank
Fairy Frosty Flakes – Philippa Pilkington
Poshcat – Jonathan Pandy (aka ‘JC 001’)
Iggy Pop – Iggy Pop
Ronnie Knitted Chicken – Anthony Barclay
Reggie Knitted Chicken – Kevin Armstrong
The Evil Egg – Johnny Daukes
Mom – Angelica Campion

Can Iggy Pop defeat The Evil Egg?


The Set – made by the fairies in the middle of the night
Iggy’s head – sculpted by Suzie Zamit
Iggy’s body – made by Jack Britton
Iggys’ wig – made by Sarah Palmer & Mel McCleary
Characters – made by Maureen Bocking & Angelica Campion

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