FILA 2019: FIlm Festival Screening Lineup

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Program 1 – Originality Spotlight: Friday, June 7, at 7 p.m.
Three short films that highlight the originality and creativity of independent filmmaking.
Program 2 – Empowerment Spotlight: Friday, June 7, at 8:30 p.m.
Three films featuring lead female characters who find the power to overcome anything that stands in their way.
Program 3 – Documentary Spotlight: Friday, June 7, at 10 p.m.
Two documentaries revealing insights on topics ranging from UFC training to law enforcement to Olympic boxing.
Program 4 – Suspense Spotlight: Saturday, June 8, at 6 p.m.
Four short films that keep you on the edge of your seat.
Program 5 – Cutting Edge Spotlight: Saturday, June 8, at 8 p.m.
Four short films with a unique perspectives on comedy, drama, and the supernatural.
Program 6 – Kidnapping Spotlight – Groupers: Saturday, June 8, at 10 p.m.
A feature film about a grad student who kidnaps and runs an experiment on two bullies to cure their homophobia.
Program 7 – Radical Spotlight: The Last Of The Manson Girls. Sunday, June 9, at Noon
A feature film that takes on the Manson Family with an entirely new twist, preceded by a touching documentary short.
Program 8 – Danger Spotlight: Sunday, June 9, at 2 p.m.
Five short films, from horror to tragedy to comedy, that approach dangerous situations in completely original ways.
Program 9 – Confrontation Spotlight: Sunday, June 9, at 4 p.m
Four short films whose heroes confront challenges from a bathroom in China to the meaning of life.

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Program 1 – Originality Spotlight
Friday, June 7, 7 PM
Everything is Temp
Mr. Throw ‘Em Down The Stairs
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Program 2 – Empowerment Spotlight
Friday, June 7, 8:30 PM
Girl Friend
How To Get A Boyfriend
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Program 3 – Documentary Spotlight
Friday, June 7, 10 PM
The Sweetest Land (Trailer)
Suffer for Good
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Program 4 – Suspense Spotlight
Saturday, June 8, 6 PM
About Steven
Lightning Strikes
She & Her
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Program 5 – Cutting Edge Spotlight
Saturday, June 8, 8 PM
The Derailers
Hammer Jackson
The Man and Mel
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Program 6 – Kidnapping Spotlight
Saturday, June 8, 10 PM
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Program 7 – Revolutionary Spotlight
Sunday, June 9, 12 PM
Radical Acts Of Love (Trailer)
The Last of the Manson Girls
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Program 8 – Danger Spotlight
Sunday, June 9, 2 PM
Kings Boulevard
I Could Have Died
The Wind Phone
FILA Screenplay Awards
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Program 9 – Confrontation Spotlight
Sunday, June 9, 4 PM
Beach Day
Stand Down
Shanghai Sole
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Below… the 8’x10′ banner that will be on the side of the theater!

2018 Awards

Everyone at Film Invasion Los Angeles would like to thank every filmmaker who was an Official Selection as well as everyone who submitted a film or script.  Everyone deserves credit for their great work, but we just have to give out awards.

Grand Jury Prizes

The judges for the Grand Jury Prizes come from the festival’s selection committee and board members.

Narrative Feature Film – One Bedroom
Narrative Short Films – RFLKTR, The King in the Ring, the phantom menace
Documentary Feature Film – Until They’re Gone
Documentary Short Film – Family: A Love Story
Music Video: Tennyson – L’oiseau qui danse
Screenplay (Unproduced) – Pace

Filmmakers Awards

The Filmmakers Awards are given for the Narrative Short category and are selected by the Filmmakers Board, a panel of twelve peers whose films have been Official Selections previous years.

Outstanding Short Films – DisfluencyShark Week
Best Director – Laura Holliday, Disfluency
Best Acting – Jeremy Radin & Caroline Gottlieb, Shark Week
Best Cinematography – Ruby Carlson, Dysphoria
Best Screenplay – Jeremy Radin, Shark Week

See 10 Wonderful Films Tonight!

It’s the last night of Film Invasion Los Angeles and we have ten incredible movies for you to enjoy.

Today features a little bit of everything… but always original. If you love Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction, Star Wars, then you really should come out and show these talented young filmmakers your support.

You can quite literally Meet Tomorrow’s Filmmakers Today.

6 PM
Program 7 – Originality Spotlight – Click For Tickets
First Dates (5 minutes)
Disfluency 10:57
RFLKTR (7 minutes)
The Phantom Menace (14 minutes)

8 PM
Program 8 – Creativity Spotlight – Click For Tickets
Light Me Up (15 minutes)
The Truth (7 minutes)
Apostasy (10 minutes)
Dysphoria (11 minutes)

10 PM
Program 9 – Comedy Spotlight – Click For Tickets
Last Wish (11 minutes)
One Bedroom (90 minutes)

See 9 More Great Films Tonight

Last night we watched 9 wonderful movies together… and TONIGHT there are 9 MORE!

If  you have ever said, “I don’t bother going to the movies because all Hollywood puts out is boring sequels and hacky formula,” then you should come to Film Invasion Los Angeles TONIGHT!

We’ve got Drama, Thrillers, Love Stories, Tragedies, Triumphs, Imaginary Friends, Dazzling Digital Effects, a Music Video you won’t believe… and we wrap it all up with a documentary made especially for movie lovers!

7 PM
Program 4 – Consequences Spotlight – Click For Tickets
The 5th (6 minutes)
Half a Glass (12 minutes)
The Honorable Society (10 minutes)
Cal & V (13 minutes)

Program 5 – Daring Spotlight
Fall Repeat (4 minutes)
The King in the Ring (11 minutes)
Crosby (25 minutes)

10 PM
Program 6 – Must See Spotlight
Music Video: L’oiseau qui danse (2 minutes)
Sickies Making Films (83 minutes)

See 9 Great Films Tonight!

Have you ever said, “The Hollywood studios only give us superheroes and sequels.”  Then you should come to Film Invasion Los Angeles TONIGHT!

Do you like Comedy?  Documentary?  Action?  Drama?  Sci-Fi?  Satire?  Social commentary?   A little bit of everything is playing tonight.

7 PM
Program 1 – Inventive Spotlight
Americana 6:20
Here After 10:00
The Blogger 13:00

Program 2 – Adventure Spotlight
Jeffington 2:30
girl eating banana: audition 6:00
Fringe Territory 13:25
Shark Week 16:07

9:30 PM
Program 3 – Documentary Spotlight
Family: A Love Story 18:01
Until They’re Gone 1:26:42

FILA 2018 Festival Bumper

Every screening at FILA 2018 will begin with this beautiful bumper. Remember… this is a respectable festival.

June 7-8-9 at The Whitefire Theater in Sherman Oaks, CA.   Click here for tickets.

See you at the festival!


FILA 2018 Official Poster

The FILA 2018 Official Poster is in the window of the Whitefire Theatre.  Why not share it online as well?

The poster features every poster of every film screening this year, along with their title and logline.  At 3-feet by 4-feet, we can’t wait for everyone to see it in person.

You can click on the image below to launch the full size in a new tab.